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Temporary health insurance is a perfect solution for individuals needing insurance in the short term, whether they are uninsured, unemployed, self-employed or just need an affordable insurance product that fits their monthly budget.
Temporary health insurance is a perfect solution for individuals needing insurance in the short term, whether they are uninsured, unemployed, self-employed or just need an affordable insurance product that fits their monthly budget. read more...

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    Please be aware that any misstatements and omissions may be a material misrepresentation and a basis for rescission of your coverage. In the event of a rescission; (1) coverage will be void as of the Effective Date; (2) all premiums paid will be refunded; (3) any claims that have been submitted will be denied; (4) if any claims have been paid, the amount of claims paid will be deducted from any premium refund due.

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    I hereby apply for the coverage selected on this application form. I understand that the coverage shall not become effective until this application is accepted by the insurer and the initial premium is paid. I read this application carefully and represent that the information I provided is true, correct and complete. I understand that the insurer relied on my statements and my answers to the medical history questions and it is the basis for determining the issuance or denial of coverage. I understand that any misstatement or omission may result in the denial of benefits and/or the termination of coverage.
    I agree and understand that coverage will not become effective for any applicant whose medical history changes prior to that person’s Effective Date such that the applicant’s answer would be “yes” to any of the medical history questions in this application and agree to immediately notify the insurer of any such changes. If such person is the Applicant, I understand that coverage is automatically declined for all persons applying on this application.
    I understand that health insurance benefits are excluded for pre-existing conditions and this coverage will not pay benefits for a disease or physical condition that I or another applicant may now have or have had within 5 years of the application for coverage.
    I understand that the producer who solicited this application and upon whose explanation of the benefits, limitations or exclusions I relied on was retained by me as my agent and is an independent contractor who has no right to alter the application, bind or approve coverage or alter any of the terms or conditions of the policy.
    I understand that cancellation of this coverage within the 10 day right to return the policy period will result in a refund of premiums only. Any administrative fees or other fees that may apply will not be refunded.
    I understand that this coverage for which I am applying is not Minimum Essential Coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA). Even if I have this coverage, I still may be subject to the federal tax assessed against individuals without Minimum Essential Coverage.

    AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION: I authorize any health care provider, doctor, medical professional, medical facility, insurance company, pharmacy benefit manager, person or organization to release any information regarding medical, dental, mental, alcohol or drug abuse history, treatment or benefits payable, including disability of employment related information concerning the patient, excluding genetic information, to the insurer or its administrator.

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    • Absent manifest error, the admissibility, validity, or use of any e-signed electronic document cannot be contested.

    Short Term Medical

    Fraud Warning:
    Any person who, with intent to defraud or knowing that he is facilitating a fraud against an insurer, submits an application or files a claim containing a false or deceptive statement, or conceals information for the purpose of misleading may be guilty of insurance fraud and subject to criminal and/or civil penalty.

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    Billing Authorization The accountholder of the bank account or credit card provided during this enrollment process authorizes and requests the Insurer to initiate automatic electronic payments against such indicated bank account or credit card for the payment of premiums and other indicated monthly dues included in the plan(s) being purchased during this enrollment process. Accountholder agrees that the electronic payment authorization for such automatic payments may be terminated by providing written notice to the Insurer.

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